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New York Duck & Goose Hunting
Your key to a quality hunting experience long remembered!

New York Mallard Duck & Goose Hunting at it's finest GOOSE MUSIC... Experience the thrill of a flock of Canada Geese circling, chattering, and locking up to land in your decoy spread. Just when the geese sound as though they are going to join you in the blind, the guide instructs, "Take em!"

Finger Lakes Hunting Service can offer you and your hunting partners some of the finest waterfowl hunting in the Northeast. Here in the beautiful New York Finger Lakes region, we have access to farms in three counties surrounding the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.

Our hunts are conducted in a legal and natural way from blinds over water, corn, soybean, wheat and alfalfa fields. We use large decoy rigs featuring realistically mounted birds, full bodies, shells, windsocks and silhouettes. With proven techniques like flagging and championship calling, we have enjoyed success in decoying the wary Canada Goose and a dozen species of ducks. Our layout setups in the late season snow are unmatched for action and excitement. With over 30 years experience hunting waterfowl throughout the Northeast and on Maryland's Eastern Shore, we will do our best to see that you get birds and enjoy the hunting experience.

NY duck & Goose Hunting with Finger Lakes Hunting Service

In addition to quality goose hunting, our farms are frequented by large flocks of Mallards and Black Ducks. Action can be fast and furious as flocks of several hundred ducks buzz the decoys.
Several farms have been acquired that provide excellent opportunities for harvesting ducks as well as geese. One of these properties was featured in the Sep/Oct 2001 issue of Ducks Unlimited Magazine. See article entitled "Montezuma's Magnificent Muck Ducks" on page 68. "Now DU readers know what we've known for years...that the NY Finger Lakes area is second to none in the Atlantic Flyway for duck hunting," says Steve Lashbrook, co-owner of Finger Lakes Hunting Service.

Clothing: Camouflage, dull green or dull brown hunting coat and cap. We recommend layered clothing to assure warmth, especially late in the season.
Guns: We recommend 12 gauge shotguns.
Shells: Steel shot is required by law - #1's or larger for Geese.

 2014-2015 SEASON DATES:
Oct. 18 - Dec. 3  and   Dec. 27 - Jan. 9

Geese:  Oct. 25 - Nov. 27  and  Dec. 27 - Jan. 11

Make your reservations early to secure preferred dates.

The fact is that more and more geese are staying for longer periods of time in the New York Finger Lakes region and on the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge. This presents sportsmen in Upstate New York with the kind of hunting opportunities that used to be accessible only further south. And the hunting's so good that many sportsmen from the mid-Atlantic states are enjoying a trip north to experience our unique style of waterfowl hunting.

Our hunters stay at the Waterloo Holiday Inn (315) 539-5011
( Tell them you are hunting with Finger Lakes Hunting Service for a special rate)


Finger Lakes Hunting Service

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